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Hand and face care

Hand and face care from Germany: Maintain your skin with our products. Browse through our online shop and find great care products from Germany. Which products do we have for you in our assortment? Whether day or night cream - simply order different brands in our online shop.

Nivea or Florena? Hand and face care from Germany

How about Nivea, for example? This popular brand from Germany is something for you! Choose from good products! For hand and face care, we recommend only the best!

Tips for your skin type: Direct from Germany - hand and face care

Which skin type are you? You should be aware of your skin type. So you can shop more targeted. For women over 40, a good antiaging skin care product is recommended. Because really good care creams can easily prevent aging. A little more youthful look is always in it. Because the cells renew themselves slowly with age. Just UV radiation now makes the skin more difficult. But also dryness is a problem. Correctly good creams have always integrated a sun protection factor. So you are safe in any weather. In other words, a good cream protects and cares for your face.

What to do with dry skin?

Brittle hands are a problem for many women and men. If the skin is cracked, then red alert level applies. Because the skin is thin and even germs can penetrate. What are the first signs that you should act? Does your skin contract? Or do you have to complain easily roughened spots? Then you should opt for a moisture cream in our range. Even with dry or brittle lips, we recommend matching products. How about a lip balm? This gives your lips a pleasant healthy feeling again.

Clean your face properly - order our hand and face care

Cleansing your face is the first step to getting a healthy skin. How do I clean properly? A tip for you: Set the temperature of the water to lukewarm. Use a mild soap, such as liquid soap or some hand soap. When showering you decide for a skin-friendly care.

It is best to order our gentle, nourishing extracts, free from EDTA, parabens and microplastics. All products are dermatologically tested and pH-neutral.