Non Foods

Non Foods - Products from Germany You want to order Non Food products? Whether magazines, books, health products or household items - buy in our shop. At Germanfoods you will find the popular products from Germany at a glance.

Non Food Kitchen & Household Products

Typical German products are, for example, household goods. So much innovative and unique comes from Germany. Order quality products here, so that your apartment or your house is not just clean, but pure again. Have you lived abroad for a long time? You are sure to miss your usual kitchen and bathroom cleaners? Then you access our shop. For all others, who want to try for the first time German products, this shop offers a rich assortment!

German detergents for your laundry

Would you like to order German washing powder, liquid detergent or other products again? Whether white laundry, colorful laundry or dark laundry - we present you the right detergent.

For kitchen, bath and living area - cleaner

Now it's time to clean up! You can order everything here for cleaning and cleaning. Also for the sink or the dishwasher you can order the usual products from home.

Your body care - Buy the usual drugstore items

You miss the purchase at DM or Rossmann? Here in this shop you simply order the usual articles from Germany. Whether for baby & child or for yourself - all articles for men and women can be found here clearly listed. From hair to toe tips, you will find well-known brands from Germany here. Order facial care and body care products. Also for your hair we have the shampoos that you know from Germany.

Oral and dental care with products from Germany - extensive assortment for Non Food

Operate with products from Germany healthy and sustainable dental and oral care! Furthermore you will find kitchen helper as well as magazines and books from Germany in our shop!