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How do I order a German breakfast abroad?

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Our online shop is the point of contact for all Germans living abroad. Do you miss the German products? In fact, the feeling of the home is determined particularly by cherished food. That is why many Germans which living e.g. in Australia are looking for online shops offering German products. These products can then be conveniently ordered home. Although you cannot eat German products every day, every now and then it should be a piece of home! You can have one or two rarities in the house. Surprise your family and guests!

How to eat typical German!

The German breakfast includes many different foods. Regionally, breakfast in Germany is very different. In the north of Germany is eaten sweet. While in the south, such as in Bavaria often hearty comes on the table. Typically, German is the incredible variety of bread rolls. White bread, also toasted, is served for breakfast. The freshness and taste of rolls characterize the quality of a German breakfast. Add to that the famous side dishes, such as butter, margarine, jam, honey or the nut nougat spread of your choice. A hot drink like tea, coffee or cocoa is just as important. Also, a fresh orange juice may not be missing, for example.

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A good German breakfast is above all rich. Not only sweet, but also ham, cheese and sausage are among them. Muesli with yoghurt and cottage cheese or a glass of milk is also on the table. Something very special is the typical Bavarian Weißwurst breakfast! This includes a glass of beer and a bretzel! Surf through our shop and get the ingredients for a typical German breakfast in America!