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All Germans who live abroad for a long time miss the local food. With our shipping, the greatest homesickness can be quenched quickly. Whether the usual German beers or the beloved organic cereal for breakfast - enjoy the brands from the home.

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Sausage & Meat - Specialties - German food

Sausage & meat are among the best-known foods from Germany. Order from us various regional varieties. Because German cuisine has many specialties. Incidentally, the unique taste of the sausage comes from the various spices that are added to the sausage. In fact, there are over 15,000 sausages from Germany. We offer a great selection! Whether Thuringian Rostbratwurst or Wiener sausages - here you order with freshness guarantee. Oh, one more question. Why is the animal protein from the sausage so valuable? The human body can turn it into body protein very well. The sausage is filling. For all gourmets it is also the power donor in everyday life.

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