Valentine's Day

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Meaning of Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day was originally the day of commemoration of Bishop Valentine of Terni, about which there are many legends and stories. He soldiers have married, although this was forbidden. Another story says that he gave flowers to lovers. The tradition of celebrating romantic love on this day developed well into the 14th century. In Germany, Valentine's Day is gaining popularity in society. Thanks to the Americans who brought the tradition to Germany after the World War, this day is again celebrated more strongly.

Valentine's Day in other countries?

In Italy, lovers attach so-called love locks on Valentine's Day. The locks are labeled with names and attached to bridge railings. A fun custom, the key is then thrown into the water - since love hopefully lasts forever, the lock never has to be opened again.

In Japan, Valentine's Day gifts come mainly from women. Traditionally, they give dark chocolate to partners or husbands, but also to friends, relatives, colleagues and the boss. A month later, on White Day, men then give their wives white chocolate.

In Sweden, Valentine's Day has only been celebrated since the 1980s. There it is called "Day of All Hearts" and traditionally red wine gum hearts are given away.

In the USA, Valentine's Day is celebrated very intensively and is one of the most popular holidays for Americans. Here, many greeting cards together with sweets (candygram) are sent to friends and acquaintances. There is a real hype in schools.