Seasonal - German celebrations - with specialties from Germany

From Easter to Oktoberfest - there are many festivals that are only celebrated in Germany. We offer specialties for the German festivities in our online shop. Easter, Mother's Day, Oktoberfest, Christmas or New Year's Eve - celebrate typical German. We have prepared the specialties for you in our shop for you.

For example, Christmas - sometimes similar and yet so different from Germany

For example, British Christmas differs in many ways from German Christmas. Both are interesting as traditions influence each other in the age of globalization. In America, many Germans first have to get used to plastic firs and excessive light decorations.

Specialties for Nicholas and Advent

Even the popular Santa Claus does not exist abroad. Who wants to pack goodies on St. Nicholas' day in the boots, can order here the typical sweets for it! On top of that, the American Christmas is shrill and pompous. But there are also many similarities. Also in the USA you go to church on Christmas Eve. But then comes, unlike in Germany, the turkey on the table. Gifts, on the other hand, are only available on Christmas Day - that's December 25 early in the morning. Here you pack, unlike in Germany, the socks to fill the fireplace.

Order Seasonal Germany

Typical things from Germany, which one does not know in America, there are many. Examples include Advent wreaths, gingerbread, spekulatius, straw stars, tree cakes, Christmas Stollen and nutcracker. Bake with your loved ones with ingredients from Germany. Also for New Year's Eve there are delicious seasonal things to order from Germany. How about fondue or raclette?

Easter - order Easter Eggs from Germany

Order colorful eggs or specialties from the Oktoberfest. Whether party utensils, food or sweets - buy seasonal in the Shop.