Thuringian sausages

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We deliver fresh meat and sausages from Thuringia all over the world. We make sure that only goods that have their origin in Thuringia are sold.

The protected geographical indication (g.g.A.) for Thüringer Rostbratwurst, Thüringer Leberwurst and Thüringer Rotwurst guarantees the correctness of the geographical origin and the observance of specified production steps throughout the entire production process.

The geographically protected indication states that the production, processing and production of a product in Thuringia are carried out according to a recognized and established procedure. So you can be sure - our products come from Thuringia, quickly, safely and in time to your home.

Order today at Thuringian fried sausages for their next barbecue. You will also find other delicious and matching ingredients in our shop. We are looking forward to your visit.