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German baked goods are delicious and now conveniently available in the U.S.A. is the new online shop for German baked goods. The clou: The shop is specially designed for Germans living abroad. Many Germans live, work, study or vacation abroad. In addition to the German language, many emigrants and travelers lack German food. This is where the online shop comes in. The shop offers all Germans abroad a fast and reliable delivery. Order German food products in high quality!

Fresh delivery of baked goods and other products

What to do if homesickness strikes again? Right, order delicious products from Germany. Depending on what you like to eat, the online shop has it. A wide assortment, a modern presentation - so ordering makes fun. After all, in recent years, online shops for baked goods have become established worldwide. If you e.g. live in the U.S. and miss their favorite places on bread, rolls, and cakes: just order them.

German baked goods - experience the incredible variety of our range

Why should Germans abroad refrain from the home-style enjoyment of baked goods? While you enjoy, for example, in the U.S.A. a wide range of goods. German specialties are rare. At choose from fresh or frozen breads, rolls and pretzels. Maybe you would like to invite your neighbors to a German cake? In the online shop you will find the right baking ingredients. Of course, you can also order cakes and popular biscuits here. So in this variety, these are not available on the American market!

All advantages of an online shop for German baked goods at a glance

What are the advantages of ordering via the online shop First, the fast delivery. The delivery can be with you within two days. Second, all goods come fresh and straight from Germany. Third, the shop even offers a free shipping from a shipping value of 125 €. In short, order and take advantage of the safe shipping of food. Finally, delicious bread in your household! The order in the online shop is easy to do from home. Look forward to your baked goods!